Covering the full range of identity needs
Covering the full range of identity needs

Most Reliable Authentication Solution in Northern Europe is now in Belgium!

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What is Smart-ID?

Smart-ID is a universal app-based strong authentication & digital signing solution, which is compliant with eIDAS regulation and has flexible pricing for e-service providers.

The app is user-friendly, intuitive and ensures the safe electronic identity for children, adults and the elderly.

To benefit from this secure and innovative solution add Smart-ID authentication to your e-services today.


  • Legally binding like a handwritten signature
  • Trusted by governments
  • Endorsed by 1000 e-services, including 12 largest Northern European banks
  • Certified for the entire EU


  • AML & KYC compliant
  • Meets PSD2 & GDPR requirements
  • Strong fraud protection measures
  • Advanced cryptographical solution for PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)

Frictionless implementation

  • Publicly available documentation and ready-to-use production environment
  • Cross-border business supported
  • Replaces card reader with a fully digital solution
  • Several accounts in various devices per user
  • Test environment is free-of-charge.
  • Pricing transparency. Price per actual usage


  • User-friendly interface with 4.5 app rating
  • Simple to use even with limited digital experience
  • No passwords
  • One PIN to access multiple e-services
  • Fully app-based solution instead of physical tokens

Superior end-user experience

Ready to experience the power of Smart-ID?

Schedule a demo now and discover how our universal, user-friendly solution can benefit your business.

Customer feedback

In Iceland, Smart-ID goes by the name “Auðkenni” since 2020. In 2023 we hit remarkable milestones Audkenni introduced remote biometric onboarding and streamlining registration for new users. The result? An amazing surge, with over 25,000 unique accounts, tripling last year’s numbers. Auðkenni has garnered the trust of Iceland’s major banks and serves both public and private sectors.


We have been one of the first ones to integrate Smart-ID into our e-signing services. We knew from the very beginning that Smart-ID was going to become a viral eID tool due to its convenience, and our customers proved that. The usage of Smart-ID grew fast, and relatively soon, it was the top eID tool people chose to sign documents with. 6+ years later, it’s still the number one among those signing documents electronically in the Baltics.


Smart-ID, quickly established itself as a frontrunner and the fastest growing e-identity solution in the Baltics by reliably offering customers a secure and convenient option for verifying their identity.


SEB Estonia has been using the services of SK ID Solutions for over 20 years, so we can assure you that the service quality has been so good that we can run services 24/7. The team is always focused on improving the service level and meeting the customer’s requirements.

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