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Trusted by 4 million people

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  • Confirm identity and sign documents in minutes.
  • Logging in to e-services and online banking.
  • The signatures are legally binding, same as handwritten ones.
  • Recognised in all EU member states.


  • Smart-ID is conveniently accessible on your smart device at all times.
  • No need for additional tools; just download the Smart-ID app and start using it.
  • Enable push notifications for seamless authentication or manually confirm transactions within the app.
  • It works as fast as your internet connection allows and is very convenient to use.


  • Losing your phone or device with Smart-ID doesn’t grant automatic access to your accounts.
  • To use Smart-ID, you need your smart device and secret PIN codes.
  • These PIN codes are chosen during registration.
  • PIN1 code grants access to e-services, PIN2 code is required for signing documents or confirming transactions.

Multiple accounts

  • Smart-ID facilitates seamless access to multiple accounts through a unified interface, simplifying the login process.
  • Smart-ID is device-based: install it on as many smart devices as you want.
  • Smart-ID enables users to centrally manage their authentication credentials, including access permissions and account settings, providing greater control over all linked accounts.
  • Whether you’re on a couch with a tablet or your phone is in another room, you can still access Smart-ID without issues.

Download the Free Smart-ID app

Join the digital revolution and download the Smart-ID app onto your smartphone or tablet! Always ensure you’ve got the latest version of the app.

You can download the app for free from Google Play and App Store.

Smart device requirements for app download

Following requirements are for the download of the latest Smart-ID version. If you are using an older operating system, you may still be able to download and install an older version of Smart-ID. NB! As it won’t be the latest app, it may be missing some of the functionalities and you won’t be able to update it until you’ve updated your operating system.

Android devices

  • Operating system: Android 5 or newer
  • Disk space: ~36 MB for Android 5.x,  ~24 MB for Android 9
  • Display height: at least 480 px
  • Display size: at least 3.5 inches
  • Internet connection (Works with Wifi-only devices, no mobile internet connection required)

iOS devices

  • Operating system: iOS 13 or newer
  • Disk space: ~28 MB
  • Display height: at least 480 px
  • Display size: at least 3.5 inches
  • Internet connection (works with Wifi-only devices, no mobile internet connection required)
  • Devices: iPhone 7 or newer

Register an Belgian Smart-ID account

Before continuing registration for a Smart-ID account, please make sure:

You have downloaded the Smart-ID app and started registration in the app. Download the application from App Store or Google Play

You have an ID-card with valid certificates and PIN codes

You have installed necessary Belgium ID-card software

You have inserted your ID-card to the smart card reader before clicking "Register" below.

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